Bob Swisher

Quality Program Manager


My Wallace Connection

I started as a commercial Oilfield Bell/Saturation Diver and then as a Nondestructive Testing (NDI) Inspector, so I have years of experience in a wide variety of applications and environments (Oilfield, Pipeline, Construction, Marine, Industrial Fabrication, Military, Aerospace, Performance Sports). In the last 20 years, my roles have included Sales/Marketing Manager and then Operations Manager of a Testing Lab in Seattle, and the last 10 years at the Boeing Company working in the Quality Systems side of things for the new 777X Composite Wing Center. It’s kind of a unique background, but I like solving technical problems and working with people to find solutions.

My Perfect Day

One spring day, my brother and my best friend and I climbed up to the top of Mount Bachelor (before the summit lift) and sat for a while admiring the view of Elk Lake. When we finally decided to put our skis on and head down, we looked and there wasn’t a person on the runs, only a snow cat finishing up the grooming. We still all remember the longest “perfect” ski run of our lives with absolutely no skiers on the mountain, followed by a big plate of Nachos when we got back to town of course.