Deschutes Brewery, one of the top 10 largest craft breweries in the United States, planned to expand their Bend, Oregon facility in 2015. The most recent brewery expansion included constructing six 40,000 gallon fermentation tanks and a two-story support building adjacent to the existing brewery. Geotechnical challenges during design and construction included: the potential to overload the soil based on the close proximity of existing and new foundations , and performing vertical excavations for new foundations adjacent to the existing facility. Wallace Group recommended the use of helical piles to deepen foundation loads and underpin the existing building.  

Wallace Group performed a geotechnical exploration for expansion followed by design review and construction services. Wallace Group's scope of services included subsurface explorations and geotechnical analyses for foundation design, earthwork, and construction considerations. Construction began in spring 2016 and Wallace Group provided comprehensive geotechnical monitoring, special inspections and testing services, including: earthwork, reinforced concrete, structural steel welding and bolting, and epoxy. The Deschutes Brewery addition project was successfully completed in December 2016.  

Outlook at Pilot Butte consisted of the construction of two, four-story wood framed buildings, a one-story amenities building, and common open space in Bend, Oregon. The 164 luxury apartments, with a footprint of approximately 25,000 square-feet, are located at the base of Pilot Butte.  

Wallace Group was retained to perform a geotechnical exploration followed by design review and construction services. Wallace Group's scope of services included subsurface explorations, in-house geotechnical laboratory testing, and geotechnical analyses for foundation design, retaining walls, earthwork, and construction. Wallace Group worked closely with the design team to provide supplemental recommendation for increased allowable footing loads, decreasing the cost of the foundation system. Additionally, Wallace Group provided comprehensive geotechnical monitoring, including nuclear density testing of soil, asphalt, and foundation construction. The Outlook at Pilot Butte will be completed in 2017.

Huntington Lodge, pronghorn resort,

Bend, Oregon

client: The Resort group

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) opened their new $18.7M High Desert Proving Grounds (HDPG) in Madras, Oregon in May 2017.  The 87-acre site is located on City of Madras property and will serve as a key facility in Daimler’s future truck and autonomous vehicle testing program.  The facility includes 3.5 miles of oval-shaped, inter-connected, highly-engineered event tracks, banked curves, and hill features with irregular, pre-cast panels that simulate a typical vehicle’s entire service life in a significantly reduced time period.  Other development features include a 32,000 square-foot office and shop building with 14 services bays and overhead crane rails. 

The HDPG site posed several geotechnical and construction challenges including:

  • Developing recommendations for asphalt and concrete pavements and engineered fill sections with the capacity to withstand dynamic/high stress loads during truck and vehicle performance simulations.
  • Assessing the subgrade soil and rock support for structural elements including the office/shop buildings, underground utilities, concentric test track, Vehicle Dynamic Area (VDA), hill event, parking, and access drive areas.

  • Accommodating the potential for limited surface water infiltration into design of stormwater collection and disposal features.
  • Construction of an approximately 20-foot high, pyramid-shaped “Mount Madras” Hill Event feature with 11-degree slopes for transmission and brake performance testing.

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MADRAS, Oregon


outlook at pilot butte,

2001 NE linnea dr., Bend, Oregon

client: evergreen housing development group, llc.

The Wallace Group, inc. A Pacific Northwest Earth Science And Engineering Practice

Cloudchaser chair lift,

Bend, Oregon

client: Mt. bachelor, inc.

Project denali,

Bend, Oregon

client: taylor nw

Project Denali is situated on an approximate 3.7-acre parcel in the Northwest Crossing development of Bend, Oregon.  The site was once occupied by a pumice mining operation and the western portion of the property was excavated to form a mine pit approximately 40 feet deep.  Upon closure of the mine, the pit was backfilled with excavated soils and other imported soil. Backfill of the pit was not monitored and the consistency of the fill was unknown and may settle if wetted.  The site was proposed for commercial development in 2015 and Wallace Group was retained to perform a geotechnical investigation of the site for the proposed construction.  Phase 1 of the commercial development included the construction of a new Hydro Flask headquarters building and associated parking areas in the south portion of the site.  Phase 2, slated for construction in 2017, includes commercial development of the north portion of the site.

The $6 million expansion of the Mount Bachelor ski resort included construction of the new Cloudchaser high-speed quad chair lift.  With the addition of the new chair lift, an additional 635 acres were added to the resort’s lift serviced terrain.  The construction of the new chair lift included top and bottom lift stations and 21 towers that span the 6,576-foot-long lift length.  Starting in August 2016,  Wallace Group provided geotechnical design and construction services to project team.  Wallace Group’s prompt delivery of as-needed geotechnical recommendations and services were an integral part of maintaining the schedule of this fast-tracked project.

 A significant geotechnical design challenge for the Cloudchaser project included the use of on-site light-weight soil backfill.  A Wallace Group geotechnical engineer evaluated the lift station and tower foundation excavations on a case-by-case basis to provide recommendations and soil backfill properties that were used in sliding resistance calculations.  In addition, Wallace Group provided comprehensive geotechnical monitoring, special inspection and materials testing services.  The Cloudchaser chair lift began operation on schedule on December 16, 2016.    

The $20 million expansion plans for Pronghorn Resort included the construction of the Huntington Lodge located near the 18th hole of the Tom Fazio Championship Course. The Huntington Lodge, with a footprint of 20,600 square feet, will include over 100 hotel rooms, a spa, and a pool. The most significant geotechnical design challenge was the placement of the structure over the existing lava tube, which was discovered in 2003. Wallace Group examined the lave tube which has a 72 foot length and up to 19 foot ceiling height. The strength and geometry of the ceiling was evaluated and the results were used to perform engineering analyses in order to provide construction recommendations. The outcome was to rock bolt the cavern to reinforce the ceiling. Wallace Group provided geotechnical observations during this construction phase.  

 Additionally, Wallace Group provided design-level geotechnical engineering, earthwork monitoring, special inspection and construction materials testing services during construction of the Huntington Lodge, which will open in Fall 2017. 

fermentation tank expansion,

Bend, Oregon

client: Deschutes brewery