Northwest Geosystem Experts

The dramatic topography of the Pacific Northwest, with its rich assortment of natural wonders and resources, presents some of the planet’s most spectacular yet challenging terrain on which to build. One team of earth scientists, engineers, special inspectors and technicians studies it and understands it from top to bottom, inside and out: The Wallace Group.

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Cascade Range - Knowledge to the Core

Knowledge to the Core

From our home base near the heart of the Cascade Range in Bend, Oregon, the Wallace Group has provided Applied Earth and Environmental Science solutions to commercial, industrial, governmental and institutional clients throughout the region since 1997. No matter what size and scope your next project may be, our wealth of expertise could be the foundation for a solid partnership.


Deeper Understanding. Wider Perspective. 

From comprehensive geotechnical, geologic and hydrogeologic studies to environmental assessments, regulatory compliance, water rights, laboratory materials testing and construction special inspection, the Wallace Group has the scientific and analytic experience necessary to handle any type of project. What’s more, our ability to listen to your specific desires and needs, has given us a reputation for developing trusting, life-long relationships

Deeper Understanding

The Foundation of your Development

“We exist to serve our clients, communities and employees by providing an environment where education, innovation, technical expertise, honesty, integrity and teamwork are encouraged and recognized.

We pride ourselves on contributing practical solutions that create value for projects of all sizes, ensure the success of our clients, and enrich the quality of life in the communities we serve.”

Scott Wallace
President/Principal Geologist

The owner of The Wallace Group, Scott Wallace

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