Adam Larson, P.E. attends the 2024 Professional Engineers of Oregon Conference

May 13, 2024

A great time was had by all at the 2024 Professional Engineers of Oregon Conference held in Corvallis, Oregon. From the engaging discussions to the valuable insights shared by industry experts.

Adam Larson, P.E. attended the event on behalf of the Wallace Group team. The Portland Airport TCORE presentation by SKANSKA was particularly enjoyable. These moments not only expanded his knowledge but also inspired him to approach his work with renewed passion and creativity.

Adam thoroughly appreciated the networking opportunities and the chance to connect with fellow professionals in the engineering field. The conversations offered fresh perspectives and potential avenues for collaboration.

A big thank you to the organizers and volunteers of the conference. Their dedication and hard work were evident in every aspect of the event, and it contributed significantly to its overall excellence.

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