Newport Corridor Infrastructure Project Complete

City of Bend

June 9, 2023

Wallace Group enjoyed attending the Newport Corridor celebration on June 9th!

The Newport Corridor project spanned from College Way to 9th Street. There were numerous improvements made above and below the pavement. Renovations were made to increase safety, access, and traffic flow. The sewer trunk line and water distribution pipes were replaced. New sidewalks, curb ramps, lighting, landscape irrigation, and signage were installed. And lastly, continuous sidewalks, striped bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, accessible ramps, new landscapes, and new street lighting were added.

We are pleased to be a valued part of the City of Bend’s team helping them complete quality infrastructure for the citizens of Bend. As always, we enjoyed working alongside partners DOWL, Taylor Northwest and Parametrix. It is wonderful to see this project come to life.

If you are interested in learning more about Wallace Group’s work on Transportation Infrastructure, please click here.

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