Wallace Group Honors Women in Construction

Pete Fraire

March 7, 2024

This week is "Women in Construction Week", a campaign that rightfully recognizes the achievements and contributions of women in the construction industry. At our small firm, we are proud to have a diverse and talented workforce that includes many women excelling in various roles such as project managers, engineers, special inspectors, and technicians. Wallace Group knows that women bring valuable skills, perspectives, and experiences to the construction sector, and we are committed to supporting and empowering our women employees to grow and thrive in their careers. We also appreciate the challenges that women face in the industry, and our company strives to create opportunities while cultivating a culture of inclusion, respect, and collaboration. We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of our women teammates and celebrate their success and impact on our projects and communities! Thank you, Bethany O’Connor, Lisa Splitter, Amy Wheeler, Kyle Steen, and Marissa Taylor, for your amazing contributions to Wallace Group and the Construction Industry!

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