ACI-Concrete Field Testing Technician, No. #01023884
ICC-Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector, No. 5254888
ICC-Structural Steel and Bolting Special Inspector, No. 5254888
ICC-Structural Masonry Special Inspector, No. 5254888
ICC-Spray-Applied Fireproofing Special Inspector, No. 5254888
Nuclear Gauge/Troxler, No. 15232, Pacific Nuclear Technology
CDOT–Certified Asphalt Technician – Level A – Laydown
CDOT–WAQTC Soils Inspector
ODOT–Quality Control Technician

Mr. Fraire has more than 11 years of experience in general building construction, the testing and special inspection of soils, asphalt-concrete pavements, reinforcing steel, structural masonry, reinforced concrete, high-strength bolting, and spray-applied fireproofing.  His testing and inspection responsibilities have involved work on streets and roadways, commercial and residential buildings, educational and governmental facilities, water containment and pollution facilities, airports, infrastructure projects, bridges, and transportation.  He also has a thorough understanding of geotechnical and construction materials laboratory testing and experience with stormwater compliance monitoring.  Mr. Fraire is experienced with scheduling and coordinating for projects of all sizes including large multi-disciplinary inspection services, and has held key roles including Lead Inspector/Field Project Manager.  As a Senior Special Inspector, Mr. Fraire also reviews project plans, specifications and construction schedules to allocate inspection/testing resources, develop budgets and prepare proposal cost estimates. 

 Pete grew up in Southern California and moved to Bend in 2007 to take advantage of the robust outdoor scene.  He enjoys skateboarding, biking, fishing, reading, and camping when not at a live music event in either Portland or Bend.

PETE FRAIRE, construction services operations manager

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