peter herron, laboratory manager 

BS, Environmental Sciences, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona 

Peter Herron is the Laboratory Manager-in-training at Wallace Group, Inc. In this role, Peter is at the core of the construction materials testing department. He does quality testing in the lab to provide valuable data on soil and concrete in which field technicians and project managers rely on for accurate and prompt tests and results. Peter is no stranger to soil sciences, having spent three years as a geomorphologist and microbiologist working in Northern Arizona University’s laboratories, where he studied conservation biology, channel geomorphology, and fungal genetics. Additionally, he was an audio and lighting engineer for a small business in Flagstaff, Arizona. This experience developed skills in multitasking, troubleshooting, and delegating work among a group of people.

 A big believer in acting locally and thinking globally, Peter supports using sound science and data to better the community. Peter grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and moved to Bend in 2018 to explore, mountain bike, and camp in the high desert and cascades. He enjoys cooking, drumming, and bicycling.