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The professionals at The Wallace Group are recognized experts on the geosystems of Central Oregon and Washington. We provide practical, Applied Earth and Environmental Science solutions to clients in the transportation, water, energy, commercial, industrial, institutional, and governmental markets. The Wallace Group delivers multidisciplinary consulting services throughout the project life cycle from initial environmental studies, due diligence and permitting, to geotechnical engineering studies, water supply evaluations, project plans/specifications, environmental compliance, and International Building Code (IBC) inspection and testing during construction.

The Wallace Group’s office and American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) certified laboratory facilities are based in Bend (Deschutes County), Oregon, and are staffed with Oregon and Washington-licensed engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, construction inspectors, technicians, and environmental compliance specialists with technical expertise in these practice areas:

Aquifer Testing    

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Hydrogeology and Water Rights

Hydrogeology and Water Rights- Wallace Group’s staff of groundwater experts provide both public and private-sector Clients with the experience and expertise to help meet their water supply challenges. From aquifer studies, well assessments and rehabilitation, groundwater modeling, and well site analysis, to water rights and expert witness testimony, our registered professionals work closely with Clients to develop and maintain reliable and efficient water supply sources.

Environmental Studies- Environmental issues and regulations are often complex, and require a multi-disciplinary approach to mitigate the potential human and project effects on the earth and its ecologic and biological systems. We work to develop a clear understanding of our Clients goals and objectives and through our extensive environmental experience, work in partnership with project and regulatory interests to develop mutually beneficial alternatives to environmental challenges. From Phase I environmental site assessments, asbestos surveys, remedial investigations, feasibility studies, site remediation and soil/water/air monitoring, to implementing National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) studies, Wallace Group environmental professionals have the appropriate balance of knowledge, technology and regulatory expertise to help develop and implement creative, sustainable solutions to environmental challenges.

Geotechnical Engineering- Working with architectural and engineering professionals as part of our Clients’ design team, Wallace Group geotechnical engineers, geologists, and technical staff conduct site investigations to develop foundation system recommendations based upon subsurface conditions, risk tolerance, schedule, and project budget. Investigation methods include drilling, traditional excavation, geophysics, and subsurface instrumentation/monitoring. Wallace Group’s laboratory is accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) and provides soil and rock testing to support the geotechnical evaluation and engineering design for shallow foundations, driven piles, drilled piers, surcharging, soil mats, mass excavation and grading, and specialty ground improvement/stabilization systems.

Natural Resource Evaluations

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Natural Resource Evaluations- The identification, permitting, and beneficial use of soil, rock, and mineral resources require developing a clear understanding of the physical properties and spatial distribution of these materials. Based on Wallace Group’s experience and expertise working in the geosystems of central and eastern Oregon/Washington, we provide comprehensive resource evaluations and permitting support for mining operations in addition to post-closure restoration services. These services are supported with our A2LA-accredited laboratory capabilities to provide pertinent natural resource information to Clients for use in business planning and operations.

Geologic Hazards

Environmental Studies

Geotechnical Engineering

Environmental Compliance and Permitting- At Wallace Group, we have experience in the complexities of environmental planning, impact assessments, permitting, and facility compliance. We offer NEPA, state equivalent baseline studies, land use planning, and stormwater services, and work collaboratively with our Clients to understand their facility processes, operations, and regulatory environment in order to develop and implement compliance solutions that meet business objectives and regulatory requirements. Our services also include hazardous material and waste management plans, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans, underground storage tank compliance, release investigations, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) compliance, and asbestos and lead-based paint surveys.

Construction Monitoring and Special Inspection

Soil, Rock, and Construction Materials Testing- Wallace Group’s materials testing capabilities are anchored by our Bend-based, 1,500-square-foot laboratory and mobile lab facilities, fully equipped for testing soil, rock, and construction materials. Laboratory tests are performed by experienced lab technicians on soils, rock, concrete, masonry, asphalt, steel, and fireproofing materials and the results are reviewed by registered professionals. For more information see the full list of laboratory services. Wallace Group maintains a rigorous internal Quality System in accordance with our A2LA laboratory accreditation, and external Quality System Diagnostic Programs including the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) program. Wallace Group’s materials testing Quality System is also augmented with periodic inspections/audits by governmental and accreditation agencies including the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Oregon Building Officials Association (OBOA).

Stormwater Maintenance   

Environmental Compliance and Permitting

Geologic Hazards- The geosystems of central and eastern Oregon/Washington are characterized by complex volcanic terranes with hazards ranging from unstable slopes and landslides, to fault activity, erosion, ground subsidence, and collapse features associated with volcanic flows (lava tubes). Wallace Group geologists and engineers use their experience, technical expertise and GIS technology to help Clients avoid unanticipated geologic and subsurface conditions that could lead to system failures, property damage, cost/schedule over-runs, and physical injuries. The firm’s geologic hazard capabilities include geologic and geomorphic mapping, terrain analysis, aerial photo analyses, landslide assessment and mitigation, rockfall hazard assessment, slope stabilization, site-specific seismic and liquefaction analysis, and subsurface void (i.e. lava tube) investigations and mitigation.

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Construction Monitoring and Special Inspection- Construction monitoring and special inspection services are a cornerstone of Wallace Group’s practice. Our field professionals have provided these services since 1997. Wallace Group technicians and special inspectors maintain certifications from the International Code Council (ICC) and the Oregon Building Officials Association (OBOA). As a project design and construction team member, Wallace Group staff provide earthwork monitoring, foundation preparation, testing, and inspection services to support our geotechnical engineering role. During construction, our special inspectors monitor asphalt, concrete, masonry, structural steel, welding, roofing, and fireproofing elements for conformance with International Building Code (IBC) and project plans and specifications. Our experience and long-term relationships with building officials also add value to Clients in the transportation, energy, water, industrial, institutional, commercial, and governmental markets across the Pacific Northwest.